Neural Machine Translation

Application To English To Twi Language Translation

Neural Machine Translation Machine Translation (MT) is the task of translating a sentence x from one language (the source language ) to a sentence y in another language (the target language). Neural Machine Tranlaston(NMT) is a branch of natural language processing that uses deep learning models to predict the likelihood... [Read More]

Transfer Learning and Fine-Tuning with TensorFlow

Application To Pneumonia Classification from X_ray Images

Transfer learning involves taking layers/learned features from a model trained on a larger dataset and using those features to initialize training on another similar task. Training deep learning models especially for computer vision requires massive data to perform well. Transfer learning allows models to be trained on smaller dataset by... [Read More]

Cost-Sensitive Deep Learning For Imbalanced Dataset Classification

Applied to Fraud Detection

Introduction Data with imbalanced target class occurs frequently in several domians such as credit card Fraud Detection ,insurance claim prediction, email spam detection, anomaly detection, outlier detection etc. Financial instituions loose millions of dollars every year to fraudulent financial transactions. It is important that these institutions are able to identify... [Read More]